Lyon locker handle, LY106
Lyon locker handle, LY102
Lyon locker handle lift, LY6749
Lyon locker obsolete handles, 40113, 40114, 40115, 40116
A.  LY102
2-Part Lyon Locker Handle
(RH) 1981 - Present
C. LY110
2-Part Lyon Locker Handle
(RH) 1957 - 1965
Lyon locker handle, LY121/122
Lyon Locker Die Cast Handle, LY 123/24
I. LY121/22
2-Part Lyon Locker Handle
1952- 1957
J. LY123/24
2-Part Lyon Locker Handle
(RH), Die Cast Handle
1946- 1953
H. LY125
Lyon Locker Handle, Turn
Handle For Expanded Metal
Lockers 1973 - Present
For reference only.  This
handle is no longer available.
F. LY701
Lyon Locker Handle (RH),
Standard Box Locker Pull
L1. LY6749
Lyon Locker Recessed Handle Lift
(1988 To Present).  Order Black Plastic
Finger Trigger Separately (LY6750A Or
Please note: All handles shown are right hand handles (i.e., the hinges are on
the right).  For left hand handles (hinges on the left), please send an inquiry.
Lyon Locker Handles And Hardware
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Additional Lyon Hardware Below
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Older Handles
Selling replacement Lyon Locker handles, Lyon locker hardware, Lyon locker parts.
Replacement Lock Bars Are Also Available.  Please Contact Us For Further Information.  
A. #40113 Lyon Locker
Handle, Rolled Edge Handle
Guide (1935 - 1946)

B. #40114 Lyon Locker
Handle, Rolled Edge Handle
Lift (1935 - 1946)
C. #40115 Lyon Locker
Handle, Flat Strap Handle
Guide (1933 - 1935)

D. #40116 Lyon Locker
Handle, Flat Strap Handle
Lift (1933 - 1935)

A. #LY6726
Lyon Door Jamb
Order This Online - See Part R

B. #40303 (RH)/#40304 (LH)
Lyon Door Jamb

C.  #40305 (RH)/#40306 (LH)
Lyon Door Jamb

D. #40307
Lyon Door Jamb

E. #40309 (RH)/#40310
Lyon Door Jamb

F. #40311
Lyon Door Jamb

G. #40313
Lyon Door Jamb

H. #40315
Lyon Door Jamb

I. #40317
Lyon Door Jamb

J. #40319
Lyon Door Jamb

K. #40321 (RH)/#40322 (LH)
Lyon Door Jamb

L. #40323
Lyon Door Jamb

M. #LY701
Lyon Box Locker Pull
Order This Online - See Part F

N. #40703
Lyon Box Locker Pull
W/Roll Point Catch
Order This Online - See Part G

O. #41101
Lyon Hinge

P. #40707 (RH)/#40708 (LH)
Lyon Padlock Attachment

Q. #40501
Lyon Spring-Actuated Latch

R. #41507
Lyon Spring For S-A Latch

S. #40503
Lyon Gravity Latch

T. #48001
Lyon Number Plate
Use LY6829 (Part
A2) ordered from the general parts page
by following this link.
Lyon locker latches, number plates, hardware
This Handle Guide And Lift
Are No Longer Available.
Lyon locker wire latch, LY6786
D1. LY6786
Lyon Wire Latch
D2. LY6787
Lyon Old-Style Wire Latch
Lyon locker wire latch, LY6787
K1. LY6750A
Lyon Locker Black Trigger
Only For Recessed Handle
(2004 - Present)
Note: This Trigger Is For Recessed
Handle Cups From 2004 And Later.  
It Will NOT Work On Older Lockers.
For Pre-2004 Handles, Use Part No.
LY6750B.  If In Doubt,
Contact Us.
For Coat Hooks, Nuts And Bolts, And Misc. Hardware Items, Please See Our General Locker Repair Parts Page.
B.  LY106
2-Part Lyon Locker Handle
(RH) 1965 - 1981
E. LY6788
Lyon Wire Latch Adjustment Tool
(For Straightening Wire Latches)
Temporarily Unavailable -
Contact Us
For Future Availability
Lyon locker recess handle, LY6748
N. LY6748
Lyon Locker Handle,
Recessed Handle Cup
(2004 - Present)
Lyon locker handle housing, LY110
Lyon locker handle lift, LY110
Lyon locker box locker pull, LY701
Lyon locker box locker pull, LY702
G. LY702
Lyon Locker Handle (RH),
Spring-Loaded, Roll-Point Catch,
Box Locker Pull
Lyon locker expanded metal locker handle, LY125
Lyon Locker handle trigger, LY 6750A
Lyon Locker handle trigger, LY 6750B
K2. LY6750B
Lyon Locker Black Trigger
Only For Recessed Handle
This Trigger Is For Recessed
Handle Cups Prior To 2004.  
It Will Not Work On Newer
For reference only.  This
handle is no longer available.
Lyon locker door jamb latch, LY6727
0. LY6727
Lyon Locker Current Door
Jamb (2004 - Present)
Q. LY6800
Lyon Locker Lockbar
Retainer (Black Nylon)
(2004 - Present)
P. LY6799
Lyon Locker Nano-Roller
Latch (2004 - Present)
Lyon locker nano roller latch, LY6799
Lyon locker lock bar retainer, LY6800
Lyon locker door jamb latch, LY6726
R. LY6726
Lyon Locker Door Jamb
(Previous Type)
Lyon locker dome washer screw, LY2085
Lyon locker handle dome washer, LY6210
L2. LY6205
Lyon Lift Screw (Order
Separately - Not
Included With Lift)
M2. LY2085
Dome Washer Screw
(For Recessed Cup)
Lyon locker handle lift screw, LY6205
M1. LY6210
Lyon Dome Washer
(For Recessed Cup)
We do not stock many of the parts for older lockers, but will check on availability at the time of your inquiry.  Many older parts are only
available from stocks in the nationwide supply chain.  Once these stocks are depleted, many ofthese parts will never again be available.
Lyon locker wire latch adjustment tool, LY 6788
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Note: The 1988 - 2004 Cup Is NOT Available.  This Cup Will Work
On Pre-2004 Lockers Provided That You Also Replace The Trigger
Lyon Recessed Handles
Ordering A Recessed Handle?

1.  Order The Plastic Trigger
That Matches Your Existing
Lockers (LY6750A Or

2.  Order The Lift (LY6749)--
The Lift Will Work With Either

3.  Order Screws And Washers
As May Be Needed.

4.  Finally, Order The Recess
Cup if needed (LY6748).  If You
Have The Older Trigger In Use
On Your Current Installation,
You Will Need To Order A New
Lift And Trigger,  As The Cup
That We Offer Will Not Work
With The Older Style Trigger.

If In Doubt, Please
Contact Us.
Note: All Components Are Sold Individually.
Please Pay Particular Attention To The Type Of Black Plastic
Finger Trigger That You Need.  You May Wish To Review The
Ordering Procedure At Right.  If In Doubt, Please
Contact Us.
1.  Two Plastic Trigger Styles
2.  Lyon Lift - Works With Both Trigger Styles Above
3.  Screws And Washers
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Latches And Miscellaneous
4.  Recess Handle Cup
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S. LY8000
Lyon Shelf Clip For 8000
Series Shelving (Set Of 4
High Quality, Polished
Chrome Finish.  These
Are Made For Many
Years Of Service.  Not
Your Average
After-Market Lyon
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